Live Painting

OMETRA & haregrungy present: “CHOICES” Live Painting

OMETRA is about to release by the beginning of the year, the new album CHOICES:
A strongly autobiographical introspective journey by Carlo Gervasini, main mind of the Lugano-based combo.

In addition to the sextet, also featured is haregrungy (Greta Broglio), artist and author of the work “Vi(n)colo Cieco,” used as the album cover. The artist performs together with the band in a “Live Painting” session, translating musical language into pictorial gesture, improvising in real time the here and now, following the sensations of the moment and the set various dynamics.

The result is a performance in which two different art forms blend and merge, giving rise to a third dimension, where the whole is more than the sum of its individual parts.

Download the pdf brochure for more information.