About Ometra

Ometra is a Lugano-based music project offering alternative rock-grunge with several influences ranging from Radiohead, Alice in Chains and Anathema.

In 2017, driven by the desire to start again from the basics, founder Carlo Gervasini (My Stupid Dream, Parole Perse, Doomed Timeline Theory and Beansidhe) starts writing his own songs as a ‘one man band’ project. During the recording session he personally takes care of all instruments and vocal parts, accompanied only by the voices of Claudio Lucchini and Giulia Schertler. The first release “Ometra” (2019) gets visibility and a place in “Confederation Music”compilation managed by Marco Kohler (RSI) with the song “Ahead.” 

This good debut will push the guitarist to compose better music with a real band. In 2021, along with Elia Heutschi (drums), Paride Casu (bass), Giulia Schertler and Anastasia Gautschi (vocals), as well as Gervasini on guitars, “We used to look at the stars,” recorded and mixed by Stefano Scenini at Stairway Studio in Cimo, sees the light. The work gets further visibility than the previous release and with the track “Crossroads from my Past” OMETRA deservedly returns to feature in the selection of “Confederation Music” .

2023 saw a lineup change: along with Carlo (Vocals, Guitars), Anastasia (Vocals), Elia (Drums) and Paride (Bass), Veronica on vocals and Russell on guitars were added. With this lineup, the new album CHOICES will be released on April the 20th during Tondo Music’s Record Store Day in Maroggia.