OMETRA, an alternative rock / post-grunge sextet from Lugano, is pleased to release the new album CHOICES, published on April the 20th during the Record Store Day

CHOICES is an autobiographical introspective journey of Carlo Gervasini, the mastermind of the Lugano combo: The need for changes, making tough decisions, choosing different paths which lead to doubts and fear in order to reach and regain happiness… those are the elements that shape the entire album.

Recorded and mixed by Stefano Scenini at Stairway Studios in Cimo and mastered by George Nerantzis, CHOICES is available digitally and on vinyl.


Carlo Guitars, Vox
Russell Guitars
Elia Drums
Paride Bass
Anastasia Vox
Veronica Vox


The Cloak Of Unmade Decision
Lowest End
Last Minute Call
Where Shadows Lead
The Trails Of Unfinished Things